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New Athletics

24 September 2018

Many of us are all becoming much more aware of total body wellness, it is definitely something that is featuring more and more in the media. Beauty therapy and skin therapy goes hand in hand with health, nutrition and exercise. Incorporating sports and beauty therapy is a new trend and Sothys is in the forefront of introducing this concept into the Sothys range. This opens up business opportunities to a new clientele, and a fresh body offering. With this in mind, Sothys have created the Athletics line and have secured Frances' No. 1 Tennis Player Caroline Garcia as the Brand Ambassador.

There is a slight overlap which makes the range very user friendly for those who engage in sports recreation but also for those after a unique wellbeing experience. And for those who are looking for the best of both! The treatment and retail are also designed to be Unisex.

The Smoothing Warming Professional Treatment can be performed with or without wet facilities, it takes 45 minutes to perform and includes three products. The treatment can be used in conjunction with exercise or for wellbeing needs.

A specific massage using the Nutri Relaxing oil. The modelling techniques have been inspired by Deep Tissue massage. Ideal for stress relief but also before or after sports activities.

The smoothing warming gel can be applied before exercise to increase blood flow improving the workout experience and increasing nutrients to muscle tissue. Or alternatively it can be used in conjunction with the Sothys silhouette range to improve body contour and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The Nutri Relaxing Oil can be used prior or during exercise to avoid chaffing/rubbing, it keeps the skin supple and comfortable. After exercise deep pressure application relieves tension and discomfort in over worked areas. It is also a fantastic oil outside of sports activities to nourish and improve tone without leaving the skin feeling oily or marking clothing.

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